Sunday, September 6, 2009


Samaantar - The Marathi movie I watched with Mom today. Taking inspiration from my new Gujrati Pal in Kerala who watches and reviews Malayalam movies, I shall attempt to tell you what I thought of this one in a few words.

Sharmila's 'stoic'( newspaper review) silences - Marathi bolta yete hila?...pann neet bollee..towards the end.

Amol Palekar...passes (out twice) with distinction ( goatee and all)

Story line theek hota...

Aani ho! Even a Marathi SD [arre Burman re!] take-off, near Howrah bridge...O re maajhi..(Sharmila stands there wondering.."sigh, kitnee baar mujhe yahan aakar gaana padega")

Mhanje...aavadla..pann..the director doth try too hard, asa vaatla.