Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello blog...been a while since I felt compelled to post anything here. Been busy with EKansh...and our new pup Simba!

Recently I read this post about an old folks home on a social networking site...with questions following about those evil offspring who will want to a abandon their parents.

There are also indignant posts about kids whose parents don't give them good values...who badger them for good grades instead of thorough learning, focus on good impressions as against good attitude, ignore needs and cater to luxuries instead. IQ is more important than EQ...why I hadn't even heard of this EQ term till recently. Where the world stops when there is an exam at school. It is about oneself...succeeding, winning the rat race.

A good parent is one who knows what the child's syllabus is - chapter by chapter, line by line. Wake him/her up at midnight and they'll tell you what the child's grades were in the last exam in each subject...even those of the nearest competitors.[You guessed right, dotty's exams are on]. A good parent knows which page of which 'current hot favourite' book the child is on but has no clue which flavour of ice-cream is his/her favourite.

Yes yes, there are gray zones here everywhere else.

And then one day these kids grow up and become involved in the grown up rat race. They have to get ahead...and win. They remember their lesson well - "Focus, don't let anything distract you."

And then some evil offspring dumps his/her parents in an old age home.

Same parents you think??