Sunday, January 8, 2012

Party Hooters

There are many instances when I’ve browsed through pictures of friends and family on virtual albums…celebrations, get-togethers. I look at pictures of grown ups laughing out loud with their heads thrown back, arms around each other and wonder if I am socially dysfunctional because I am incapable of hugging and kissing folks I don’t like very much or know…or using endearments casually or throwing my affections around cheaply. I am not apologetic about my selection of words either.

When I meet these folks individually…and our conversations pick up, I find that these pictures I see…the groups in the pictures are not necessarily of people who get along...or respect each other. They size each other up when they walk into the group, are invited and attend because they have a rapport to advertise in certain circles, indulge in inane banter and drink themselves silly. Perhaps they have to, perhaps alcohol numbs their natural instincts to turn and run and ups their tolerance levels. The best part where I would love to be a fly on the wall is the drive back home. This is when all the bitching happens about the party that was.

This kind of social interaction is also called ‘unwinding’ by the way - a stress busting exercise for people who work hard through the week. They work hard so they can afford these parties and be seen in the right clothes with the right people in the right places carrying the right visiting cards, arriving in the right cars. And some people do this every single week[end]!! Amazing!!

My idea of getting together with friends is when I can be my stupid best in my everyday clothes, sitting on the floor with some good music and home-cooked food...and a few drinks for my friends and many genuine laughs. I am so glad I know some people I can still do that with. And for that I am grateful.

Anita Iyer